Message From Principal

“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people’’ - Chinese Proverb 

A well planned school journey of every child brings about a positive change in their upbringing, gives them plenty of opportunities to affirm their choices and prepares them to face the challenge of the ever changing world. LHIS aims to make this journey a dream voyage for every child by providing them a platform to reflect their true abilities, achievements and progress made by them in various activities. We, here at LHIS, teach children the importance of tolerance, wisdom, compassion and a humanitarian spirit for every individual irrespective of their cultural differences.

We don’t teach the fish to fly or birds to swim. No talent goes unnoticed, no stone left unturned by our faculty to ensure that every child realizes his or her own potential in their area of interest and aptitude. It is our endeavor to provide our students with true purpose of education by helping them absorb the rigorous scholastic programmes along with various co-curricular activities from dance, drama, art to variety of sports and social work based activities.

We are on a mission to impart education in a manner where educators, parents and students play a collective role to make learning easier, acceptable and a unique experience for students. Let us join hands and work together to make our school environment positive, inspiring, challenging and stimulating for each and every child and nurture the conscientious, smart and confident citizens of tomorrow who make all of us proud. My best wishes to all the students & staff for a successful year ahead. With warm regards.

Mr. Satpal Sharma